121st CIR Expert Panel Meeting

Post 121st CIR Expert Panel Meeting

As a result of the 121st CIR Expert Panel Meeting, CIR has made changes to the ingredient assessments and offers them now for public comment.

Post Meeting Announcement

Versions for Public Comment

Draft Revision CIR Precedents: Aerosols

Assessments will be added here as they become available.

Final Reports

Alkyl Glyceryl Ethers


Decyl Glucosides

Lauriminodipropionic Acid

Pentarylthityl Tetraesters

Tentative Reports

Alkyl PEG Sulfosuccinates

Ammonium Hectorite Ingredients

Citric Acid, Inorganic Citrate Salts and Alkyl Citrate Esters


Ethanolamine and Ethanolamine Salts



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